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Welcome to the UCA Class of 1960 Alumni Web Site. This site will be updated and maintained on a regular basis.



I am the spirit of the Class of 1960. I was with them when they were wide-eyed freshmen and I am with them now. A part of me is in each and every U.C.A. senior and a part of me shall remain with each one, always. I have been in every lesson, every song, and every prayer for the last four years. As they leave U.C.A. to fill the future with their dreams and plans, a part of each one will remember me. To this class I represent unforgettable memories. I am a little red schoolhouse, a semi-formal done in blue notes, a picnic in the rain, a big birthday party, an inspiring retreat. I am even more than this. Each hope and each ambition has a part of me in it. I am the Spirit of the Class of 1960.


And now it's all over - our high school life has ended. There will be new buildings and different surroundings and modern equipment in the new schools. But we are proud to be the last graduating class from this Utica Catholic Academy - proud to be graduating from our little school with the big spirit.

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