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Welcome to the UCA Class of 1960 Alumni Web Site. This site will be updated and maintained on a regular basis.




I am the Spirit of the Class of 1960. I was with them when they were wide-eyed freshmen and I am with them now. A part of me is in each and every U.C.A. senior and a part of me shall remain with each one, always. I have been in every lesson, every song, and every prayer for the last four years. As they leave U.C.A. to fill the future with their dreams and plans, a part of each one will remember me. To this class I represent unforgettable memories. I am a little red schoolhouse, a semi-formal done in blue notes, a picnic in the rain, a big birthday party, an inspiring retreat. I am even more than this. Each hope and each ambition has a part of me in it. I am the Spirit of the Class of 1960.

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Alumni News update 11/25/02

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